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Refillable Vape Pods are used in pod system kits that allow vapers to easily refill the pod with fresh e-liquid or SaltNic, so it can be reused several times before replacement. The Coils in the Pods do wear out so the Pod should be replaced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The ability to choose an e-liquid or SaltNic means you’re not tied down to limited flavors or nicotine strengths, in fact, thanks to the wide range of both MTL and DL refillable pod kits on offer, you can use almost any kind of e-liquid. Not just for new vapers, experienced users have come to rely on these kits’ compact design and simple operation. They make a good alternative to classic pen and box style kits as they are far more portable, so they’re a useful option when you don’t have the space to carry a standard kit with you.