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Carbon Fiber & Black
Denim & Black Silver
Litchi Leather &Black Red
Litchi Leather& Black Blue
Vintage Grey & Black Silver

Voopoo – Argus 40w pod Kit

160.00 AED


A DL pod mod is a kind of halfway point between a pod vape and a traditional box mod type device. Pod mods are compact and can fit into a pocket quite easily, but they still retain the full functionality you would get from a full-size box mod kit (adjustable airflow and adjustable wattage).

The tank doesn't look like a regular tank, instead, it's designed to follow the form factor of the whole body of the device, making it nice and sleek. Look at the products below for some examples.

Why Pod mod?

Lots of people are currently using a pod vape and are looking for something a bit more powerful, something with better battery life, something that allows you to adjust the wattage and airflow? A pod mod is the answer. Are you currently using a full-size box mod setup but need something a bit smaller but that will still give you the full functionality you're used to? A pod mod is perfect.