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Fluid Black Grey
Silver Black Cobra

Smok – Novo 2X pod Kit 800mAh

99.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Matte Black
Ocean Flame
Ribbon Red

Uwell – Caliburn GK2 690mAh

125.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Gold Black
Gray Black
Sky Marine

Geekvape – Wenax K1 SE 600mAh

80.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Gentle Pink
Innoc White
Mysti Black
Serene Blue

Uwell – Kalmia Pod system kit 400mAh

105.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Frosted Black
Frosted White

Vandy Vape – Pulse AIO Pod Kit

310.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Black Cobra
Fluid 7-Color
Fluid Black Grey
Silver Black Cobra
Silver Red Cobra
White Cobra

Smok – Novo 4 Mini Pod System Kit 900mAh

115.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Gradient Blue
Red Blue

Geekvape – Wenax M1 Pod Kit 800mAh

80.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Black Brown Wood
Black Carbon Fiber
Silver Carbon Fiber

Lost Vape – Orion Mini Pod Kit

99.00 AED (5% vat excluded)


Pod systems are compact vaping devices known as vape pods, pod vapes, or pod kits. It’s ideal for people who have just started vaping.

What is a Pod System?
it is a particularly compact vape device that uses vape pods rather than your traditional atomizer. An atomizer and pod are pretty much the same things, but with pod systems, they’re designed specifically for the device to give you an extremely compact setup.

MTL, RDL and DL what is the difference?

MTL = Mouth to lung. This is a traditional inhale that most people use. You draw the vapour from your e-cig into your mouth, then inhale it back. It is the same way you smoke a cigarette

DL = Direct lung. The mouth part from MTL is bypassed here. You take one long draw from the e-cig, inhaling it straight in. DL vaping is mainly used for vapes that have wide open airflow and sub-ohm vape coils. These e-cig set-ups produce large amounts of vapour. it is the same way you smoke shisha

RDL = Stands for Restricted Direct Lung which is a relatively new term and blurs the line between Mouth to Lung(MTL) and Direct Lung (DL) in which you can inhale in the same way as direct lung, however, you don't require so much airflow over the coil.

At Don Vapes UAE, we only sell high-quality Pod System Kits from the top branded manufacturing companies including Geekvape, Uwell, Voopoo and Vaporesso that are not only small, sleek, and easy to carry but also have modern designs that allow long battery life, large nicotine reservoirs and an incredible vaping experience.

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