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unregulated mods won't let you adjust voltage nor wattage, but have a chip between the battery and the 510 connector. They will output whatever the cell voltage output is, minus voltage drop, just like an unregulated mechanical mod.

however, it will not fire if there is a short on your atomizer, or if your batteries are in the wrong polarity. Most of them have a board temperature limit, a voltage cut-off so your battery doesn't drain too much. and a draw time limit.

They may still overdraw your batteries, especially if you are using a build far over the CDR for them. And of course, usual battery safety applies, including having cells and their wraps in pristine condition.

Mechs are direct connection between the battery and the atomizer, so none of these protections are present, as no chip can apply them.

So, the bottom line is, unregulated means no adjustment of the output. Mechanical means both no adjustment and no chip in the circuit, so no protections.

Series Vs Parallel Mods:
Series mods multiplies battery Voltages 8.4V Total (build should be 0.3ohm and above)
Parallel Mods split current between batteries 4.2V Total (build should be 0.1 and above)

️ Caution

* Don’t use this device unless you understand how to use Ohm’s law
* Never Exceed CDR
* Don’t use this device unless your Atomizer has a protruding 510 pin
* Keep the plastic battery wrap and top ring insulator in a PERFECT condition
* Make sure to use the right battery orientation
* Lock firing button when not in use
* Verify the Resistance of your coils on a regulated device/ ohm reader first.
* Don Vapes UAE isn’t Responsible for any damage or injury, You are Responsible for your own safety.