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Black/Gold-Chopped Carbon Fiber
Black/Ostrich Chopped Carbon Fiber
Black/Ostrich Tactile carbon fiber
Black/Ostritch-NZL Abalone Shell
Gunmetal/Pearl Fish NZL Abalone Shell
SS/Cowhide-NZL Abalone Shell
SS/Cowhide-Tactile Carbon fiber

Lost Vape – Centaurus DNA250c Mod

550.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Black Crocodile
Black Ukrain Leather
Gunmetal Ukiran Leather
SS Crocodile

Lost Vape – Centaurus Quest BF 100w Kit

325.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Black Ukiran Leather
Gunmetal Pearl Fish
SS Crocodile

Lost Vape – Centaurus Quest BF 100w Box Mod

275.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Black/Calf Leather
Gunmetal/Calf Leather
Gunmetal/Desert Fox
SS/Calf Leather

Lost Vape – Thelema DNA250C

565.00 AED (5% vat excluded)
Black Calf Leather
Blue Splatter
Gunmetal Calf Leather

LOST VAPE – Hyperion DNA 100C Mod

475.00 AED (5% vat excluded)


Are usually for the more experienced vapers of the world, with options to adjust wattage, temperature, and ventilation these offer an incredibly customised vaping experience. Box Mods have significantly more battery capacity, are larger and heavier in size and can be customised more with the option to change to a different tank. Like pod system kits, they’re also refillable. Advanced sub-ohm box kits will be powered by an external battery, generally an 18650 & 21700 batteries, as these have the ability to cope with the increased power.